The Aphrodisiac

Biting her lower lip, rubbing her neck and accidental touching is what she thought lured him towards her. Decades later, with wrinkles on her face and his hands on her waist, she realised he had fallen for her personality instead. Advertisements


You thought you wanted her, But she was made of Thunder and Lightning, And you were afraid of a little Rain. -Rachel Firmin


Just when I was about to tell you I survived a shipwreck, you drowned me back into the ocean. Now I’m here, washed off on the shore, waiting for someone to resuscitate me back to life; waiting for someone to care. All I Want- Kodaline

Alma Mater- The Bell

6:45 am: I woke up earlier than usual one Monday morning; I scanned the dormitory and saw everyone still sleeping peacefully. I grabbed the watch from the window sill and it was still 6:45. I’d have to wait fifteen more minutes. Walking to the bathroom mirror, I grabbed my brush from my mug thinking about…

We write.

We are authors. It sounds that simple. But we have to write something which makes the world feel happy and warm, when in fact there’s a surging pain in our chest. Keeping our emotions aside, we glide our pens on that paper. But this is for the world. For us, there is always a diary,…