What’s with the name?

I’m the kind of person who reads between lines, thinks deeply and makes a philosophical theory about everything. You’re seeking the answer to the above question which means you’re not that kind of person, i.e. you’re a dumbhead.

For all those who agree, I’ll tell you the answer- You can run miles in an hour, code a program which will reach technological heights, do what you love, sleep, enjoy time with family, rethink your whole life, make important decisions, read a small book, come up with an idea, execute it even… You can do a lot of things in the 60 minutes provided to you as the extra hour. It’s just a matter of time… and will power.

And for those who don’t agree that they’re dumbheads-I suggest you read between lines. Make your own theory about the60minutes. I’m sure it’ll be more beautiful than mine.


What do I scribble about in this blog?

I throw in anything and everything. Want to hear a story about a kid losing his pencil? (Followed by a deep, exhilarating thought), you’ll find it here. Or a story about an old man, a middle aged worker, a housewife, a teenager, a soldier, dentist, autobiographies of non-living things including your bathroom (It’s got a lot to tell about your off pitch voice), and of course, love…. This is the place to be.


Have more questions? Post it on the comments section below! I’ll reply if they’re worth my time.


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