Who the hell is this person?

Shweta Mustare. A girl living in Pune, India, waiting for life to give the big break. But I am a lazy ass, and life just doesn’t hand over big breaks to lazy people on a silver platter. So I thought I’d be productive from my couch itself. So here it is, my blog which contains all the emotions you could never name; all the stories which could never be penned down; also all the ‘been there done that’ versions of our life’s enormous experiences. Be lazy with me, read it while your bum’s touching that chair!

Why i’m awesome:

1) I convert over 20 tonnes of CO² annually to help increase forestation.

2) I wonder about space and what lies beyond, but that’s just when my internet doesn’t work.

3) Except for being dependent on Oxygen, Water, my hormones, the DNA, Evolution, Big Bang, and everything else which is important, I am mostly a strong, independent woman.

4) I wrote this page.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. talk2ameya says:

    That’s one of the best About pages that I’ve seen. Keep up the writing.

    You can check out my blog too: http://millionexperiences.com


    1. Thank you. And i surely will check your blog.


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