The Ambulance

Sunset. Warm breeze. Leaves wilting. Abandoned road.

Blah, blah, blah. All that isn’t important. The important detail is the father. The father who was walking down the road with his office satchel across his shoulder and a mind full of future plans.

“Today I will teach my 8 year old son the importance of humble behavior and hospitality.”

He always had a little life lesson to teach his son. He knew the importance of the lessons and that they would help his son be the man everyone expects him to become. A good citizen.

Suddenly there’s a loud whirring sound, tyres screech around the corner and a jeep full of teenagers becomes visible. They’re drunk and there is a loud music bursting from their speakers kept behind. The teenager in the driver’s seat takes the jeep in a zig zag pattern, knowing well that the road has fewer crowds and no trouble will come their way.

The father shakes his head in disapproval of the teenager bunch and turns around and continues his walk home. But the jeep is nearing the father and the driver loses control. He runs over the father and stops the jeep. The father is flat on the ground and is seen lying in the little space between the two front and back tyres. But the teenager group is scared and panicking.


“Get out of here, Tom. Before the cops come… Fast!!” yells one of them at the careless driver.

He tries turning the jeep around but the front wheel runs over the father’s abdomen again. The jeep is last seen going back the way it came in a speed outside the limit. Few people started gathering around the father, one of them called the ambulance.

I’m going to die; this is the end of me. I won’t be able to raise my son as I had hoped I would be able to.

The father couldn’t help but imagine death nearing.

Suddenly one of the men standing there took his hand and spoke, “Don’t lose hope buddy, help is on their way. You will live again. I have called the ambulance. Hang in there”

That little group of words encouraged him and he tried hard to keep his eyes open. The man gave him hope again; he will be able to teach his son the life lessons after all.

images (3)

I will teach him how not to drive recklessly. That is the first thing I will teach him when I meet him. And how to help strangers get help like this young man did here.

He was waiting for the ambulance. Waiting for hope.

I will apologize to my son that I couldn’t be with him tonight. Also because he has to stay at the neighbor’s for the night. They won’t take care of him.

He was waiting for the ambulance. Waiting for hope.

I will file a complaint against these teenagers. What kind of parents would give them their vehicle to their reckless kids? They are not even of driving age. How careless are their parents?

He was waiting for the ambulance. Waiting for hope.

And then maybe I will quit the job here and head for my hometown. Jobs there are easy and I can leave earlier for home; more time to spend with my son. I have to write a resignation. I know my boss will be sad; he has helped me through everything. I will gift him something before going as a thank you

He was waiting for the ambulance. Waiting for hope.

I need a vacation too. Maybe before joining my new job. Me and my son should go on a long break. No getting up early, no dishes to do, no homework for him. Only fun ahead…

He was waiting for the ambulance. Waiting for hope.

But even if he had the will to stay on for another hour, his body didn’t. He had lost a lot of blood, his abdomen had started bleeding internally, and his heartbeat suddenly became silent. Someone started a CPR on the father’s chest, but that was of no use. He breathed his last thinking about the fish he and his son would catch on the vacation.

Far away there was a cry of a faint siren, and an ambulance pulled around the corner towards the dead father.




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  1. Kiersten says:

    Everyone loves it when folks get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, continue the good work!


    1. Thanks Kiersten. Go through the other stories too. 🙂


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